Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wheat Field with LarkS

They Fly Together
Oil on Canvas

This is my VanGogh  collaboration. I completed this painting before we moved, but I don't think I ever posted it. 

I LOVE VanGogh's original "Wheat Field With Lark". Yeah, there is just one lark in the original. I LOVE his colors and handling of grass and I really wanted to try it out. All through my studies in art we are repeatedly taught about how much artists learn by copying the work of the great Masters. The Masters themselves spent countless hours in the Louve or other museums,  or in cathedrals, or churches copying Master-works. I believe Van Gogh himself did it.

Well, I am here to add to the testimony. It is truly a learning experience. I was putting so much paint on that canvas and in such pure colors...it scared me a little. Honestly!

I did make one change. I added another lark. I know, blasphemy right!? But I read Irving Stone's book,  Lust for Life. It is the story of VanGogh life. I thought about that book the whole time I was painting. It really brought to mind the importance of have a companion. Someone to fly with. So, I decided to add another lark, and I gave the painting to my husband. Forgive me art-purists..but it just felt right.

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  1. Always one of my favorites. I was there when you painted it and I loved it so, so much!