Friday, April 11, 2014

The surprise photos

You know that other woman in my house?

Sometimes, without my knowing, she gets a hold of my camera.

I don't know until I am downloading my disc and I come across an interesting series of pictures.

I love when this happens.

It is like getting to peek inside her mind...

and getting to see  what she finds beautiful, 

and fun.

I think her pictures are some of my favorites.

I will have to strategically leave my camera around so she will take some more.:)


  1. Miss Ab-E? Fantastic eye...just like her mama.

  2. I love these. I can't believe Abby shot them. Really--so so cool. I should bring her along on my photo shoots for inspiration. What a fun way to "get inside" someone else's head. I think you found yourself a beautiful glimpse.

  3. cool, I saw Sarah's post. I LOVE Sam's face!!