Friday, April 25, 2014


I realized that this was the best picture I took of my children on Easter. This particular picture is worth one million words, it has it all...just not at all what most people try to captured in your traditional Easter photo......
     -No Sunday best but rather pajamas and dress up cowgirl boots on one and a swimsuit on another.
     -Comical amounts of dirt on clothes and faces.
     -I am pretty sure this could be the first Easter photo with an "heirloom" hatchet clutched protectively in a seven-year-old hand (Thank you Grandpa Tom).
     -A look of pure disgust at having been bossed around by his sister a moment earlier.
     -All photo subjects completely distracted by the incredible Nature Planet quality bird show to my right.

I may still stage a more formal Easter best photoshoot, but in truth, it was an AMAZING Easter evening spent with Grandma down in the cattails.

I am joining themamabyrd in her weekly impressions. Feel free to join:)


  1. So funny, I love it! Sometimes we need no words because truly a picture says it best.

  2. The look on Noah's face...and the hatchet in his hand....priceless.