Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Oil on Stretched Canvas

This was such a fun project for me! I love dogs! I love the modern day hunter enthusiasts in my life! 

We all know we can go to the store and buy some poultry or a steak with ease. Modern day hunting is rooted in a survivalist tradition, but today it is all about the experience. I am the daughter of hunters, married into hunter, and it appears I am raising hunters. For me, the deer hunt or the elk hunt, is all about a weekend in a house and kitchen sporadically aglow with hunter orange. The hunters return with stories and smiles and sometimes, something to eat. Don't tell them I said this, but they don't often kill anything, but they seem so happy and content with their day. Always, my husband tells me how beautiful it is. It seems a great excuse to get out and get into nature and be with family. Maybe this isn't the experience for everyone.  I also know there is a huge spectrum of opinions in terms of hunting this day in age. But for our family it is a happy, pleasant time enjoying nature and each other. 

I am honored to be part of this gifting experience for my patron. Training an animal to hunt with you seems like it could be a degree at Hogwarts. It enters into the realm of magical for me. There is such a  great bond between the dog and his hunter. That moment when the dog freezes and points tense and still. So cool! So much communication happening with virtually no words! 
I am really pleased with this painting. I learned so much. Happy Hunting and Christmas!


  1. I bet this was a first time in a long time that you mixed up some 'hunter orange' in your painting, it turned out so great..... oh and did you see that (I'm doing that funny arm gesture thingy).... twelve o'clock (now I'm tapping you with that same funny arm gesture thingy).... o wait it's actually just a bush.... A happy hunting to you too!