Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Roommate Perks

       Some years ago I had my first roommate. Well, she wasn't a roommate in the traditional way because I was married, with two children. But she was the closest thing to a roommate I have ever had. She stayed with us for such a short stint, she was between degrees and needed only temporary housing. I think she was possibly they best roommate a girl could hope for. Here is a short and not complete list of the perks of our roommate...
 -My sink was dirty dish free during her entire visit.:) It was heavenly!
-We had a live in babysitter for date night.
-She introduced us to The Office (which my sweet husband and I enjoyed until Dwight got married and Jim and Pam moved away, sigh). 
-She taught me how to run a marathon. 
-She introduced me to Twilight (Yes, I said Twilight as in the vampire series). 
-She introduced me to the internet (Yes, I said internet), actually I knew about the internet before she moved in and even used it on occasion, but she opened my eyes to it's true possiblities:) 
-She gave me my first IPOD.
-She taught me how to buy and wear jeans like a modern girl should. 
-She introduced me to the idea of blogging and even helped me get this one started, it just took me a couple years to cotton on to the idea. 

There were so many things she taught me, but the most predominate one, in my opinion, was how to really make a birthday cake. 

He loved it:)
Thank you my sweet long-distance friend.

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  1. That cake is so seriously amazing! And you guys were the best roommates! You made me real food and gave me a bed to sleep on and two sweet kids to love.