Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Morning Workout

"Currently I am studying swimmers and their graceful, often playful movements. I have discovered wonderful patterns of energy created with the interaction of light and color. I have just painted my way through a study of my little pink swimmers. I was so intrigued by the combination of childlike energy with the quiet grace of movement found so often in the water. I chose pink, as it seemed the perfect color to recall the playfullness of childhood.
 Additionally,  the shadows of these swimmers have caught my eye as there is so much life and energy in these simple and charming forms. I was interested to see how I could show the interaction of people and relationships in the simplicity of their shadows. The possibilities are exciting and endless."

My most recent swimmer is everything about water paintings that I love. Light, color, distortion, movement. It is on its way to Horne Fine Art for the show on September 20th.

The Morning Workout, Oil, 30x24 inches

The art show will be beautiful. There will be a couple new artist and their work is lovely. Of course Karen Horne and her mother Phyllis will be showing their latest and forever breathtaking work.

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